The Kandel moves

Power-ful questions…

  • Can you see the sea from Kandel mountain?
  • Did the Kandel witch really exist?
  • Mowing in free fall?
  • How do wood chips set you free?
  • And can you really get your pension from the sun?


… and power-ful answers

Elegant information panels and appealing brochures will give you the answers to these and many other questions… all assembled under the banner of Kandel – mountain of power.
Discovery areas invite you to explore the varied landscape, enjoy hidden stories and experience new points of view.


A great offer…


Many local experts contributed to
bringing this information to life.
Let the entire Kandelberg region
surprise you… in three languages:
German, English and French.


… we’ll be happy to guide you!


The KandelGuides will be happy to show you what’s special around Kandel mountain.
Do you want to know more? Further information on the range of activities is available on this website or here: